Coming posts...National Park Revisit

Life Goal: Visit all 60 National Parks. 

I just checked off my 19th and 20th National Park (Joshua Tree NP and Channel Islands 33.333% complete!) following the inspiring, action-packed, and sleepless 2.5 days at 2U's annual company meeting.   I could expand more on my experiences, but my view is obviously biased, but one of our guest speakers, Tom Tunguz author of Winning with Data (a subject close to my heart), recapped his experience eloquently on his blog.  

Back to parks. In these visits, I realized I haven't given myself an adequate place nor time to reflect. Many of my trips have been during pivotal parts of my life and these particular parks were particularly regenerative, as they are among the most secluded and quiet I have felt in any of my park visits.  So starting with numbers 19 and 20, I am going to try to work backwards through my National Park journey. 

More to come...I hope.